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We teach improv for business. We do this in three distinct ways.


Our workshops are fun, effective and far exceed expectations. Want a team building that actually makes a stronger team? Want presentation skills developed so fast that you can see change the same day? Want to foster a creative group? We can also create workshops for you to meet whatever challenges your team is facing and actually create positive change. It seems like a lot to promise, but it works. Every big-name business school now promotes improvisation as a core curriculum. And doubtless, all of the 'I'd love to work there' places we all know are using it. 

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We can make an immediate impact with a workshop, but for long-term changes in mindsets and behaviors that become habits, that has to be built over time. We want to partner with companies who want to make long lasting, impactful, positive changes through improvisation. We set up a no-compete contract to give your business the competitive edge it needs in today's quickly changing business environment. We train your entire staff on how to be more creative, flexible and open. We help companies become more agile and responsive.

Applied Improvisation Institute:

Aii is the first program that systematically develops all improvisation skills, across the range of workplace environments for the individual. The Applied Improvisation Institute provides training that is usually only available in MBA programs like those at Stanford, MIT, or Duke University. What's more, our executive education program provides a level of training that not only matches these elite programs, but exceeds their ability in pure improvisation. It is professional development for individuals who want to become more innovative, inspiring, creative and solution-oriented.