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Improving your business is our business. Our sessions are effective, results-driven, proven to work and FUN! The Applied Improvisation Institute utilizes improvisation to not only teach the 21st-century business skills required to become an effective leader but also hones those skills to a finely tuned edge.

The Power of Improv

Companies like Janus, Comcast, ESPN and Disney have developed and fine-tuned these traits through years of experience, but the true power and depth of the characteristics of leadership blossomed through applied improvisation. All of these companies have benefited from the training that the Applied Improvisation Insitute offers.

About Apixii

Denver-based Apixii, founded by Eric & Denise Ferone of Bovine Metropolis Theater, uses applied improvisation to improve working relationships, increase authenticity, promote creativity, foster workplace trust, build effective communities of practice, and develop embodied leadership skills.

They take the skills and adaptability of improvisational theater and apply them to the world of business.


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