Improvisation isn't about comedy, it's about reacting -- being focused and present in the moment at a very high level. As well as teaching people to react and adapt, improvisation can teach creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork and leadership.

- Mark Tutton, CNN
  • Taylor Wingerter
    "Applied Improvisation is a must for anyone that works in a small office. The effects are immediate, positive and dynamic. For example, even during the first module of the classes, Aii changed my interpersonal dynamics at the office for the better. I became a better listener, so much so that the changes were commented on in a positive manner by the President of the company. Our interactions became more concise, efficient and pleasant. We work better together to this day because of Applied Improvisation."
    Taylor Wingerter
    Project Controller
  • Elaine Yarbrough
    "I want to send a hearty and hilarious thanks to the Apixii Team for their graceful, insightful, playful work for the Senior leaders at Baxa. Perfect timing and such a great conclusion to our team work and building. I know I will have/make the chance to work with them again. With gratitude."
    Elaine Yarbrough
  • Layne Mielke
    "I filled a new tool box with brainstorming techniques for both independent and group processes. I am a lot more confident in what I bring and how I can make a positive effect on the people around me."
    Layne Mielke
  • Jeff Busch
    "The Applied Improvisation classes challenged, entertained, enlightened, and made me better and helped me push my life in a new direction!  Thanks, Denise and Eric!"
    Jeff Busch