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What is Applied Improvisation?

It is the use of improvisation to improve working relationships, increase authenticity, promote creativity, foster workplace trust, build effective communities of practice, and develop embodied leadership skills. 

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Improv Workshops for Businesses

Improving your business is our business. Our sessions are effective, results driven, proven to work and FUN!

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Applied Improvisation Institute

The Applied Improvisation Institute utilizes improvisation to not only teach the 21st century business skills required to become an effective leader, but also hones those skills to a finely tuned edge.

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Apixii - Professional Development for Groups and Individuals

Workshops, Partnerships, Executive Development

We can help fast. With one of our group workshops we can bring your team together or focus on areas that are challenging. The sessions are fun, effective and results driven.

We can make big changes. Let us partner with you to make your workplace more improvisational. Listening, creativity, group mind, thinking outside the box are more than just talking points. They are what gives your company a competitive advantage.

We skillscape effective and improvisational leaders. Our Applied Improvisation Institute is designed to impart the philosphy and the practice that directly ties to the business of being an improvisational leader, manager or entrepreneur. 


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